Get to know our Vice President, Mara Brust

Get to know our Vice President, Mara Brust



If each exec in NGND were to describe Mara Brust in a few words:

Ken would say that she is a “Painfully Intelligent Powerhouse;” Robert would say that she is “Impressive;” and Libby would say that Mara is a “Creative Genius.” Basically put, if each NGND exec would be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Mara would definitely be Donatello (the purple one).

(SIDE NOTE FROM THE EXEC TEAM: The reason why we say and think all that is because she graduated high school at 15, college at 17, and law school at 21…we aren’t doing it because it’s cute or that we are teasing her, we are for real here. Mara has some brains on her.)

Mara Brust is a Fargo native whose innate ability to keep everyone organized while simultaneously making sure everyone crosses their T’s and dots their I’s is unparalleled. Her passion and love for the Fargo community is so strong she was one of the standouts in the 2014 Fargo City Commission Election. Although she did not win this election, she placed 4th as a newcomer in a crowded field of familiar names. In the future, Mara does have plans to pursue public office.

Mara’s friends describe her as an avid supporter and participant in our local arts community, as she is a principal dancer and community liaison for the FM Ballet.

On a more personal note, her friends describe her as the type of person that is first to call you and congratulate you on any success or achievement. She is also described as having strong dedication to any endeavor or interpersonal relationship and a drive that does and will continue to inspire others.

Continue to read on as our brainiac, organizer, and Vice President, Mara Brust, answers a few questions herself about politics.


Current Career Field: Attorney

Hometown: Fargo, North Dakota

Current City: Fargo, North Dakota

Other community and organization involvement(s):
I’m a principal dancer with the FM Ballet, serve on the Public Arts Advisory Council for the Fargo City Commission and am involved in numerous organizations in the legal community.

Why politics?
I want to see North Dakota live up to its full potential by bringing political balance to the state and energizing the next generation of leadership.

(Other than Senator Heitkamp) Who is your favorite currently elected official?
Our elected NGND members, of course!

What kind of experience do you have in the political arena?
I spent a semester in D.C. interning for Senator Dorgan before attending law school. After I returned to Fargo from Virginia Law, I became involved in NGND. After over a year of serving as co-chair of the Fargo chapter, I was honored to be elected statewide VP of NGND. Most recently, I ran for Fargo City Commission. While I may not have been elected this time, I’m proud of the race I ran for a first showing. This is just the beginning!

What are three of your goals that you hope to complete in your respective position?
1. Help our generation learn the numerous ways in which they can become actively involved in the political process.
2. Get young democrats elected.
3. Have a great time while doing it.

What are the issue areas that mean the most to you?
The recent attack on women’s rights by our state legislature is currently of huge concern to me.

Biggest political pet peeve?
Knee-jerk reactions to a proposed policy based on who supports it rather than substance.

Most interesting political fact about you?
I have the nerdiest dreams where I meet Obama, Hilary Clinton or Justice Ginsburg.

Outside of North Dakota, what other elections are your eyes glued to this next cycle?
Well, of course the Toronto mayoral race should be entertaining. The Texas gubernatorial race will be interesting, due especially to the fact that legislation against women’s rights is underlying the next election cycle in both Texas and North Dakota.

If you could work on any political campaign (past or present), which one would it be?
Obama 2008. That young energy is what I want to see with NGND.


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