Get to know our YDA Rep, Robert Trefethren

Get to know our YDA Rep, Robert Trefethren

If each exec in NGND were to describe Robert Trefethren in a few words:

Ken would say that he is “genuine and sincere;” Mara would say that he is “dedicated and dependable;” and Libby would say that he is “just a really great guy.” Now taking the scenario we did with Mara and if each member of the executive team were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Robby would be Michelangelo – positive, optimistic, and light hearted.

Robert Trefethren, or “Robby” to those who know him best, is many things – a loyal Fargo South Bruin, agent for Hatch Realty, a book worm, a political junkie, a son, a brother, a husband, and a wonderful father to his baby girl, Josslyn. Growing up, his father, a truck driver for nearly 30 years, and his mother, a homemaker for much of his childhood, taught him that a solid work ethic and a good education would take him where he wanted to go. That wise advice has served him well.

Robby’s friends describe him as a family man first and foremost. In his free time, he will likely be found gaming with his brothers, cooking with his wife, or playing with his daughter and puppies. Robby is the kind of person you call to help move into your new apartment or put together a new piece of furniture, always willing to drop what he’s doing to lend a hand. He is an insanely talented multitasker and maintains a great balance in his life. He somehow manages to not take life too seriously while remaining dedicated and passionate about the things he loves.

Continue to read on as our genuine, dependable, and hard working YDA Representative, Robby Trefethren, answers a few questions.


Current Career Field: Real Estate

Hometown: Fargo, North Dakota

Current City: Fargo, North Dakota

Other community and organization involvement(s):
I am currently serving as a vice chair in District 44.

Why politics?
Politics is a means to influence and enact public policy that can bring about tangible and intangible positive change to millions of people.

Who is your favorite currently elected official?
I am a huge fan of both our President and Vice President.

What kind of experience do you have in the political arena?
I have served as an organizer on both issue and candidate oriented campaigns. During my tenure at MSUM I organized around student issues and lobbied the MN legislature and MN federal delegation. I worked as a Field Organizer in North Dakota during the 2012 elections. I organized the National Day of Service in ND in conjunction with President Obama’s Inaugural festivities. I also briefly volunteered for Organizing for Action and briefly served as Field Director for North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks campaign.

What are three of your goals that you hope to complete in your respective position?
1) To expand NGND’s sphere of influence.
2) To leave NGND on firm footing for years to come.
3) To have an influence over the 2014 election.

What are the issue areas that mean the most to you?
Gay Marriage, Income Inequality, Our Broken Taxation System.

Biggest political pet peeve?
Kevin Cramer

Most interesting political fact about you?
I made it on Rob Ports infamous sayanythingblog.

Outside of North Dakota, what other elections are your eyes glued to this next cycle?
I have my eyes glued to the Texas Governors Race, as well as the Wisconsin Governors Race.

If you could work on any political campaign (past or present), which one would it be?
I would choose to work on the 2008 presidential election in one of the swing states.

If you ran for office, what would your campaign song be?
Hall of Fame by The Script

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